“I am still very much enjoying my Mac 370 in all three forms of propulsion – a magic little boat on which to get out on the water! I don’t think I’ll ever be looking for another boat.” René Sjardin (video by Andrew Killick)

“We decided to buy a boat this year. I like to try and do things right the first time. Especially with something like boat ownership. So this brings me around to the selection of the MAC 360 Highside.

“A couple of mates thoughts need mention here. One told me way back that if I get a boat:

1.    Get a trailer boat that one or two people can handle.
2.    That means it should be reasonably light.
3.    Keep it simple and safe.

Another actually has a MAC earlier model and swears that it’s the best boat for him that he has owned. So then I didn’t need to look much further – I knew that a MAC could potentially tick the boxes for us. I checked out the boats themselves and was convinced. I must say that “The Crash Test Dummies” video helped sell it to me. I laughed in all the right places but it also showed me the extremely serious safety side. Which I’m big on. You seem to only get one shot at life so not much point tossing it overboard so to speak.

Being newbie potential boat owners I approached the purchase with a degree of uncertainty. Mark Cunningham of MAC Boats Auckland allayed all fear and from go to whoa has been a total pleasure to deal with.

We hit the water with our new MAC 360 this March which does tick all the boxes for us. It runs like a dream. We can’t wait to get it over to Aotea and do some serious boat fishing, Cray potting and whatever else we decide to get into from this beautiful piece of engineering. It would make an excellent diving boat probably but above water is probably our thing.  I firmly believe that the boat will open up a whole lot of options for us providing a long and safe future on the water.”

Roy and Fleur Chee


“Hi guys, I am the Wildlife Man from the TV series shown on discovery Channel USA and numerous networks around the world. A few years ago I was supplied a Mac 5.7 mtr boat built in NZ. Well we have really put the boat to the test while making my films here in Australia. It is with out a doubt the toughest boat we have ever used and so stable in the water, fantastic for heavy SCUBA and film equipment. What I like most is the massive work area, far bigger than most boats its size. We use a Honda 90hp 4 stroke to drive the Mac and use so little fuel. We have used the Mac in some of the roughest conditions along the Australian east coast. I am a very proud Australian, but I am a very proud Mac owner, a boat built so well in New Zealand!”

David Ireland


“Hi Mark –  I shot out on my own Saturday to start running in and spent 2.5 hours running it and caught 2 Kawahai for lunch – still running 30HP Mercury in but honks along and most importantly is very easy to launch and retrieve – took boat out with my wife yesterday Sunday – my wife liked it and found it easier to handle and get in and out of than our original Putt Putt boat which was an old  riveted 14’6” Parker craft with a 40hp Johnson  all 1975. So if you want a boat for harbour/lake/fishing that you can take the wife out in – get a Mac 360.”

“She is perfect ! Size, colour, durability, stability – thank you for arranging everything”

Kate & Robin