“Mac boats help us to achieve our goals of operational efficiency, increasing passenger numbers and reducing our environmental footprint.

The new boats emit less noise which is an important consideration for us operating in a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Area.  Our fuel costs have decreased and fuel per passenger has halved since we introduced our new boats and four stroke engines.”

Bede Ward

Operations Manager, Glacier Explorers Boat Cruises

February 2010

 The boat is totally fitted out now and we took it out in rough seas yesterday, it is everything I could wish for!! So happy with this Mac boat, thanks guys!! The Mac boat is fantastic.”

May 2010

“During the making of my movie Wild Australia we have to achieve numerous animal encounters, some on land and others underwater, using our NEW Mac 570 Fisherman we have managed to successfully achieve hand feeding of Wobbygong sharks off the coast of NSW. We launched the Mac boat at Cronulla and traveled to an offshore reef. Our first boat trip was very successful with five sharks being hand fed. While underwater a 40 knot southerly wind hit, thankfully, with the low sides of the Mac hull we managed to scramble back on board with no problems. I fired up the Honda four stroke, pulled up the anchor and headed for home. After about 15 mins the wind speed had reached around 55 knots but by quartering the horrible chop we had no problems whatsoever, I was amazed how soft the ride was and how no spray filled the cabin! At no time did we feel the slightest worry being so far offshore in a rather bad southerly storm. The Mac remained completely stable and handled the conditions with ease and total safety. My crew and I were very impressed with our new New Zealand boat that first day of filming.

The reasons I choose the Mac boat for my wildlife film productions in Australia are as follows: Firstly, because the Mac boats are plastic, plastic is five times stronger than glass boats. This is a major factor for us, because we take boats to some very dangerous situations and often have to travel over extremely shallow water. Aluminum boats easily gain dents and even split welded or riveted seams when exposed to hard hits from rocks, glass boats sustain damage easily when coming into contact with rocks and reefs. Mac boats however seem to take the bumps and contact with rocks and reefs with almost no visible damage whatsoever.

Another reason for choosing the Mac boat is the design, the pontoon style boat is basically unsinkable, this is most important to me and my film crew, especially when we consider we have to visit off shore islands many miles from a safe port to film the marine animals we need to encounter.

Over the last few months we have had the opportunity to really put the Mac boat through its paces, the first thing we noticed was the massive work space the Fisherman offers, work space is so important when we have to load boxes and boxes of camera gear and dive equipment for every film expedition.

Film crews, dive gear and film gear all add up to weight! with the massive buoyancy offered by the Mac boat design, weight has not proved to be the slightest problem for the Mac boat, the pontoon style design offers incredible buoyancy but also gives us the ability to move around the boat without worrying about tilt, these Mac boats have awesome stability, stability is a major factor when at sea, especially when using heavy camera gear or scuba diving.

 High Definition cameras are very expensive, many times over the years I have had cameras damaged with the thumping and banging of dive boats, literally shaking my camera gear to bits!! The Mac boats ride is far softer than most boats I have ever experienced under the 6 meter length, the plastic boats seem to absorb the shocks and the camera gear is not damaged even with long runs to offshore reefs against short choppy seas.

Another issue about the Mac boat that I am more than impressed with is the dry cockpit, unlike some shark cat boats and many half cabin boats I have been in over the years, the Mac boats do not suck spray back into the cabin, thus filming is not a problem, my crew remains perfectly dry and no exhaust fumes from the outboard are sucked into the cabin to make us sick.

I wish to also mention how easy the Mac boat is to launch, because we often have to launch boats in some of the most difficult situations, we have found in all cases we simply only have to drive the Mac on and off the trailer, this is achieved because the plastic boats are far lighter than glass and the pontoon style hull allows very easy launching.

With my long career as a wildlife film maker, we have used many different style boats over the last 35 years, I can safely state that for safety, durability, function and ride the Mac Fisherman is the best boat I have ever had the pleasure to take to sea. I know I will be using my Mac boat for many years to come!!!

David Ireland

Wildlife Man

“I thought you might be interested in these pictures of the boat going through its swamp test. Even with all the hatches and bungs removed and three of us standing up in it the boat still floated. When we did the survey I could tell the surveyor had a nagging doubt in his mind about how they work out how much foam to put in each boat. To put his mind at rest I asked him if he wanted to test it by swamping the boat. As I said to him I wanted to know for sure what I was sending the guys out in was as safe as can be, not that I had any doubts about it, but always interesting to see it for yourself. Not very often you get to try and sink a boat as part of your job.”


A division of Water Care in Christchurch NZ. This Mac 360 Tiller Steer purchased from Dinghys & Outboards in Christchurch NZ 2012 is used as a work boat by Waterways a division of Water Care in Christchurch NZ.

We only had one rescue boat which was a 4.3 Niad and we needed something that would be useful and long lasting. I was very impressed with the Mac 600 looking at the big picture of our role in the community rescuing Animals instead of being restricted with the small boat. The Mac 600 has given us capabilities to use it in the bay when required as well as in rivers and swollen creeks. The RSPCA Queensland is now the leading Animal agency in Disaster Response and is an excellent reason for having the Mac Boats working in flood zones.

A perfect example is we had a call out to some horses trapped in a swift running swollen creek so wee put the Mac 600 in and proceeded to the horse and managed to put the horse up to the side of the boat in a sling I had made for the boat. We moved the horses over to dry land. I had a call that the water was reseeding and still got the Mac 600 back to our starting point in 0.02 metres of water. The Mac 600 has also been seen on the RSPCA Animal Rescue programme in regards to a cow stuck in mud. The programme went to 1.3 million viewers across Australia.

That is why I choose the Mac 4.2 as a smaller rescue boat as it will be ideal in flooded areas with the semi flat stern which will give the boat more stability. My greatest wish is to have the RSPCA in Queensland the best equipped rescue organization in QSLD and hopefully have a rescue boat in regional areas. I would like to see us in the future having a fleet of Mac Boats as at present we only have three Mac Boats.”

Laurie Stageman

Inspector, Equipment & Vehicle Management , RSPCA Queensland


Queensland Australia’s devastating floods 2011 with the RSPCA Mac 420 being used by Channel 10 New

Please find attached some photos of the 420 Fisherman on task in the Rockhampton floods QSLD. These images will be seen in London Paris France This craft has proven its worth. I have gone into waters with 5 passengers in 02 of a metre of water rescuing animals. The photos below show the Channel Ten News Crew on board filming the devastation.

Laurie Stageman

Inspector, Equipment & Vehicle Management , RSPCA Queensland