Our technology allows the boat hull to be formed as one integral piece, eliminating any hull welds or joins. The polyethylene (plastic) used in Mac Boats® is top quality. Besides its inherent strength, polyethylene offers the owner virtually maintenance free boating – no corrosion, rust or rot, no osmosis, no mould growth, no electrolysis corrosion created by your electronic toys, no paintwork to maintain.

Our aim is simple – to provide quality products and services to satisfied customers.

Presenting boats that put the fun back into boating

Being light in weight, Mac Boats® are easy to launch and need less horsepower than a comparable-sized fibreglass boat, so you’ll save initial cost as well as fuel costs. Mac Boats® will provide years of trouble-free boating with strength up to five times that of fibreglass, positive-buoyant and won’t rust or corrode.  Polyethylene is a new generation material for safe boating.
Mac Boats® are resilient enough to take bumps and knocks from novice boaters, or from those more seasoned players who are hard on their equipment. They’re also built to level flotation, and all boats are foam filled with polyurethane to provide this standard safety feature, which is a mandatory requirement for marine Commercial Survey.  This benefits commercial or professional operators who use their boats as a business tool and who can have “peace of mind” to know that this requirement is standard in every hull produced today.

Low maintenance

Mac Boats® are manufactured from marine grade polyethylene. They are virtually indestructible and are up to five times stronger than fibreglass, with no corrosion, osmosis or gel coat to crack or fade.


The unique design where the inner and outer hull is bonded together in one piece, or “kissed off”, continues along each beam from bow to stern. This provides great strength and stiffness in the hull. This same process and technology was exported to the USA in the early 1990’s and is now being used by one of the largest trailer boat manufacturers in the world today.

Soft Riding

Mac Boats® are positive-buoyant and lighter than comparable fibreglass boats so the ride is noticeably softer.

Toughness in action

Shot Gun from 4m did not penetrate polyethylene

Shot Gun from 4m did not penetrate polyethylene