MAC 440 Rescue Specification

The Mac 440 rescue specification boat has been designed, built and Certified to meet class C and D of the new RCDII 2013/53/EU (recreational Craft Directive) CE standard in August 2016 by Rolf Eidt official inspector and certification assessor for CEproof New Zealand LTD. All new RCDII changes and all ESR changes have been applied. These boats are used globally to provide a cost effective, durable and dependable rescue craft.

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Mac 570 Double Centre Console

When the fish are biting the Mac 570 will take you there. Its solid construction is built to take the punishment expected of a serious fishing craft. The pontoon-style sides make it remarkably stable in big seas when you’re chasing the big ones. Yet for such a strong boat, it’s also surprisingly light and easy to handle. The Mac 570 Double Centre Console is a very popular professional diver’s boat capable of carrying up to 7 divers in their diving gear. This boat is a success for commercial operators.

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Mac 420 Fisherman

This 420 model is ideally suited for first-time family boating needs, with the added feature of high sides providing security when in a heavy sea and with a young family on board. Pontoon boats are unbeatable for stability and the Mac 420 is no exception which is why the Coastguard uses the Mac 420. Try out the Coastguard Training Boat and get your ‘Day Skippers Certificate’ using our Mac 420 boat.

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Mac 360 Tiller Steer

This nippy performer is a real revolution that takes boating in a complete 360 deg. Despite its compact dimensions the Mac 360 is remarkably stable thanks to its pontoon-style sides and hull design. Yet it’s tougher than any boat you’ve seen before. Best of all, you won’t need a lot of power to get the performance you require when you need to escape.

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