Mac 570 Special – Commercial Operator Testimonials

Mac Boats custom built Mac 570 Single Centre console’s for Glacier Explorers Boat Cruises who are based at The Hermitage Mt Cook New Zealand. These boats have been operating over the years in the extreme conditions where a tough, low maintenance boat is required to perform in a very harsh enviroment. The temperature does not affect the boats and the hulls are not frozen to the touch like an aluminium boat would be. Due to the way these boats have performed and stood the test of time in a commercial enviroment we were asked to come up with a boat which could accommodate new requirements and increase Glacier Explorers business. Garth Galloway and his team at Mac Boats took up the challenge and produced the first New Mac last year. Glacier Explorers were so impressed with the performance they commissioned another boat. Glacier Explorers are now running two of the 9 seater boats and two of the latest NEW Mac 570 boats which carry 16 people made up of 16 passengers in individual seats plus the skipper positioned at the console at the front of the boat. These boats are certainly state-of-the-art and are virtually indestructible and were the first choice for Glacier Explorers in safety and durability. These boats are impervious to osmosis and corrosion, designed to survive New Zealands extreme UV level and have a low enviromental impact because the polyethylene is fully recyclable and colourfast.

Customers comments…………..June 2010

Mac boats help us to achieve our goals of operational efficiency, increasing passenger numbers and reducing our environmental footprint*

*The new boats emit less noise which is an important consideration for us operating in a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Area.  Our fuel costs have decreased and fuel per passenger has halved since we introduced our new boats and four stroke engines.


Bede Ward

Operations Manager, Glacier Explorers



Two Glacier Explorers Mac Boats were on the lake when the 6.3 Magnitude Quake struck Christchurch New Zealand triggering tsunamis up to 3.5 metres high on the lake and the calving of 30m tonnes of ice off the Tasman Glacier. The Mac Boats and passengers endured 30 minutes of tsunamis. Passengers and staff were all safe in a Mac Boat under the care of excellent staff.