Mac 310 Sailing Skiff

MAC Boats have designed the MAC 310 as an ideal boat for youth and club sail training programmes. A fun safe boat with an open cockpit, big enough to al low for more than one crew or ‘father & son’ sailing. Most sailing clubs and schools run very successful and popular sail training programmes to youth and adult sailors alike. In many instances these programmes struggle to offer suitable modern, readily available craft best suited to their requirements. Tough, strong, simple to rig, fast and exhilarating, challenging to sail , easy to right after capsizing,yet safe and virtually unsinkable. Sui table for a wide range of ages, body weights, and experience levels. Combine this with a boat that is realistic in cost and inexpensive to maintain and service – a big ask, but the MAC 310 offers all of these. The MAC310 is an ideal ‘step-up to the next level ’ sail boat . The large open cockpit allows plenty of room for single crew sailing as well as multi crew with either coach and pupil , or ‘father and son’ scenarios. Even two adults can have a great time making this little boat perfect for hi re boat fleets. The MAC 310 is the perfect addition to sailing clubs, hi re and resort fleets, or families simply wanting an exciting boat to add to their select ion at the beach house..
Length 3.1 m
External Beam 1.76 m
Hull Weight 65 Kgs
Freeboard 400 mm
Capacity 2 persons
Warranty 5 Years


Anchor Locker – Outboard Bracket – Rowlock Plates ( 1 Pair) – Drain Bung – Fender Strip – Foam – Towing Eye – Colour White as standard (ask dealer about colours)

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