Mac 370 Clinker Cutter

The Mac 370 is styled as a traditional clinker built dinghy but with a 2-6 hp motor it is now a power boat. The side and stern seats are fully sealed and filled with foam providing masses of reserve buoyancy. There is an amidships thwart and two rowlock mounts set in the gunwales. There is sufficient seating for four people plus room for gear.

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Mac 370 Sailing Dinghy

The Mac 370 is styled as a traditional clinker built dinghy for sailing. The un-stayed mast is in two sections which when dismantled, will sit inside the boat. The boat can be prepared for sailing in about 15 minutes. Mac 370 is ideal for families or yachting organizations wanting a robust economic vessel. This sailing dinghy is ideal for summer camps, sailing schools and outdoor pursuit’s centres. The Sir Peter Blake Marine Educational Centre has operated these boats for 17 years with 1200 children and adults a year using them which is a real testament for value and durability.

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Mac 360 Tiller Steer

This nippy performer is a real revolution that takes boating in a complete 360 deg. Despite its compact dimensions the Mac 360 is remarkably stable thanks to its pontoon-style sides and hull design. Yet it’s tougher than any boat you’ve seen before. Best of all, you won’t need a lot of power to get the performance you require when you need to escape.

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Mac 360 Mac Attack

Move over wave runners, the Mac Attack 360 is coming through. You’re in the driving position of a wave runner (PWC) yet with the stability and maneuverability of a boat. Then, when you’ve finished zipping around or jumping waves, there’s room for you and your mate to relax and even throw a fishing line over. Take one for a run, it’s a blast.

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Mac 360 Forward Steer

DescriptionStandard FeaturesAvailable OptionsSpecifications A great little lake, or estuary boat, or tender that can take the occasional hard knock against jetties, shores and rocks. The convenient forward steer position makes it really maneuverable and leaves plenty...
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Mac 310 Sailing Skiff

The hull is polyethylene, moulded as a ‘one piece – double skin’ unit with moulded in (strong) brass inserts for mounting mast step, rudder bracket, cleats, stainless eyes, and soft lifting handles. This product offers superior strength and rigidity to take all the knocks boating delivers plus it is inherently buoyant with excellent flotation.

A simple pocket luff free standing rig and quality hardware, coupled with moulded polyethylene rudder and centre board plates the Mac 310 is quick, simple to rig, launch, maintain and store.

This boat has been designed as an ideal boat for youth and sailing club training programs. This is a fun safe boat with an open cockpit, big enough to allow for more than one crew so a trainer can sail with a novice or friends and family can sail two per boat. The Mac 310 is the ideal boat to fill the gap to the next step. Even two adults can have a great time making this little boat perfect for hire boat fleets.

Tough, strong, simple to rig, fast and exhilarating, challenging to sail, easy to right after capsizing, yet safe and virtually unsinkable. Suitable for a wide range of ages, body weights and experience levels plus it does not require expensive on-going maintenance and repair. Combine this with a boat that is realistic in cost and inexpensive to maintain.

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Mac 270 Dinghy

Love me tender. This handy pontoon boat is built to carry your mates and your gear. It’s easy to maneuver, with plenty of buoyancy. As a tender it’s light enough to tow along or toss on the deck. As a fun boat it can be easily handled or punished by the less experienced user. Dragging it up the beach or the ocassional scrape on the rocks is no problem for this rugged little gem.

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Mac 210 Dinghy

The “Baby Mac” Mac 210 Dinghy is a great little tender, or dinghy, which is lightweight and yet very stable.

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