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Mac 570 Fisherman

The favourite with families and good fishing buddies the Mac 570 is built to take you to the good times and back again. What other ‘Cuddy Cabin’ design these days is surrounded with buoyancy like this? So it’s the perfect fishing craft with room for all the gang plus room up front to stow your gear and your catch. A handy canopy shields you from the summer sun or light showers.

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Mac 370 Sailing Dinghy

The Mac 370 is styled as a traditional clinker built dinghy for sailing. The un-stayed mast is in two sections which when dismantled, will sit inside the boat. The boat can be prepared for sailing in about 15 minutes. Mac 370 is ideal for families or yachting organizations wanting a robust economic vessel. This sailing dinghy is ideal for summer camps, sailing schools and outdoor pursuit’s centres. The Sir Peter Blake Marine Educational Centre has operated these boats for 17 years with 1200 children and adults a year using them which is a real testament for value and durability.

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Mac 360 Tiller Steer

This nippy performer is a real revolution that takes boating in a complete 360 deg. Despite its compact dimensions the Mac 360 is remarkably stable thanks to its pontoon-style sides and hull design. Yet it’s tougher than any boat you’ve seen before. Best of all, you won’t need a lot of power to get the performance you require when you need to escape.

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Mac 360 Mac Attack

Move over wave runners, the Mac Attack 360 is coming through. You’re in the driving position of a wave runner (PWC) yet with the stability and maneuverability of a boat. Then, when you’ve finished zipping around or jumping waves, there’s room for you and your mate to relax and even throw a fishing line over. Take one for a run, it’s a blast.

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Mac 360 Forward Steer

DescriptionStandard FeaturesAvailable OptionsSpecifications A great little lake, or estuary boat, or tender that can take the occasional hard knock against jetties, shores and rocks. The convenient forward steer position makes it really maneuverable and leaves plenty of room for friends and your gear. It is suitable for calm water and light swells. This boat is also ideal for the serious fly fisherman or diver. Easy to launch from a beach this Mac360 is a great boat for the holiday home or as a tender on a large boat. Drain Bung – Plastic Seat (2) – Foam – Towing Eye...

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