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Mac 470 Sportsfisher

Since 1986, Mac Boats have been making almost indestructible and unsinkable polyethylene vessels. The completely new 470 Fisherman plugs a gap in the middle of their range.

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Mac 420 Highside

The Highside version of the Mac 420 is a logical and worthwhile response to customer feedback. Listening to your customers is a good thing and, in this case, the result is well worth it.

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Mac 600 Double Centre Console

Generally, “tough” and “easy” are two words that don’t belong in the same sentence, but before the grammar police arrest me again, let me explain: Mac Boats are manufactured using a patented Gyro-Tech process, creating a double-skinned outer shell that’s both tough and exceptionally easy to look after, or abuse if you feel the urge.

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