The Highside version of the Mac 420 is a logical and worthwhile response to customer feedback. Listening to your customers is a good thing and, in this case, the result is well worth it.

The popular Mac 420 model has been one of the mainstays of the Mac boats range, hitting the ‘sweet spot’ as a small, economical runabout that is easily towed and launched yet can, when required, handle rough conditions. The foam-filled pontoons ensure this boat is completely unsinkable, even if cut in half, while the rotomoulded polyethylene is virtually indestructible resisting almost all known solvents and with absolutely no problems of corrosion, UV damage or rotting.

New Zealand, though, is notorious for rough conditions being whipped up with little warning, and the Mac Boats sales team had received feedback its customers wanted something that would be even more comfortable in poor conditions. The relatively low pontoons on the standard 420 can result in a wet ride in significant chop. The call was for something with a higher freeboard, while a few more storage options would also be a bonus.